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The Four Types of Vanities to Consider for Your New Bathroom

Photo courtesy of Timberline Vanities

When choosing a focal point for your bathroom, the vanity is often selected as it visually anchors the bathroom upon entry. 

The right vanity for your bathroom will come down to the size, aesthetic and style of your space.

But which vanity is best for your bathroom? 

Vanities can come in a variety of styles and materials, but there are four main types of vanities to consider. Let’s explore the four types of vanities and when one would better suit your bathroom than the other. 

What are the four types of vanities?

The four main types of vanities to consider for your bathroom are

  • Floor standing vanities
  • Wall hung vanities
  • Wall basins with a bottle trap or pedestal
  • Slim vanities

Each vanity has a purpose for the style of bathroom you’re choosing to renovate. Storage needs and size of space are the two main factors which will determine the right choice for your bathroom.

Floor Standing Vanities

Floor standing vanities are exactly as they are described; they’re a vanity which stands on the floor and will conceal any pipe penetrations through the wall or floor. 

A floor standing vanity offers the most amount of storage space which makes it a great choice for main bathrooms and ensuites. The height of the vanity from the floor allows adequate cupboard space and double shelves to compartmentalize toiletries. 

They can be custom built or pre-made. The pre- built varieties can be purchased from a bathroom retailer. 

One consideration to keep in mind is the open space underneath a floor standing vanity if it doesn’t have a kicker. This void can collect dust and hair over time. If you do opt for a floor standing vanity, choose a vanity which has a kickboard that meets the tiled surface of your bathroom floor.

ADP Madison floor standing vanity. Picture courtesy of ADP vanities.

Wall Hung Vanities

Wall hung vanities or ‘floating vanities’ are a popular choice in modern bathrooms. 

These vanities give the illusion of space to make a bathroom look bigger than it is.

A wall hung vanity is a great choice for ensuites, family bathrooms and small bathrooms with limited space. However storage is minimized as the vanity doesn’t meet the floor. 

Renovators can get around this by including storage behind mirrors or shelving. Also, the length of the vanity can be longer (space permitting) which can offer a similar storage capacity as a floor standing vanity. 

The installation of a wall hung vanity will require the plumbing to be installed through the wall as opposed to through the floor.  If the pipework can’t come through the wall, it can be boxed out or concealed behind a stud wall. 

If you’re after visual impact with your vanity, the wall hung vanity will certainly deliver. Measurements will need to be precise though for plumbing and installation.

Timberline Calgary floating vanity. Image courtesy of Timberline vanities.

Wall Basins With A Bottle Trap

A wall basin with a bottle trap is not a vanity as such, but it is a key contender for choosing how a basin will be installed in the bathroom. 

Wall basins will be connected to a bottle trap or a pedestal if no vanity cupboard is selected. 

This type of installation is best suited to powder rooms and in bathroom areas where space is limited. 

A wall basin can look visually impacting in a small bathroom.  But it’s not practical in a family bathroom or ensuite as there is no bench space or storage. The only time to consider this style in an ensuite is if space is tight and to give the illusion the ensuite is bigger than it really is.

Wall basin with a bottle trap. Project completed by Vivid Bathroom Renovations.

Slim Vanities

A slim vanity is ideal for powder rooms, ensuites and toilet rooms where space is limited. 

Again the storage for this style of vanity is limited, but if a new room has been renovated to create an ensuite and space is minimal, a slim vanity is the perfect solution. 

Slim vanities can come as wall hung or floor standing. The choice will often be determined on how it will conceal the plumbing servicing the basin. 

Choosing the right vanity for your bathroom will come down to personal preference. If you’re a minimalist, the wall hung vanity or wall basin may be what you’re after in your ensuite. 

If you’re needing guidance on choosing the right vanity for your space, reach out to Vivid Bathrooms for a free bathroom consultation.