Choosing the Perfect Vanity For Your Bathroom Renovation

Timberline Nevada 1200 vanity - picture courtesy of Timberline

After living in my current home for nearly two decades, I'd realized that my upstairs master bathroom was, simply put, outdated. After careful consideration, I concluded that updating my vanity would liven the room up exponentially. I wanted my home to retain or even gain value, and by conducting a bathroom renovation, that would be possible. If I didn't update, my house faced the chance of losing value over time. 

My current vanity consisted of light tan, one dimensional, wood cabinets that opened to a single large, empty storage space. The sink was a simple diamond-knobbed faucet that had come with the home. Though I knew I wanted to update, I knew little about the multitude of options in bathroom vanities. 

Floor Mounted Vanities

Timberline Austin 900mm floor mounted vanity - Picture courtesy of Timberline

A floor-mounted vanity is just that - a vanity that is lying flat against your bathroom floor. When thinking of a bathroom vanity, this is most likely what you would imagine. A floor-mounted vanity may range from old and classic to new and chic, depending on your chosen style. 

Floor mounted vanities often offer much more storage space for your bathroom. Furthermore, a floor-mounted vanity usually has a large cabinet space beneath the sink, allowing for ample storage. If you have many products to store or prefer a larger storage area, consider a floor-mounted vanity. 

Though it may offer more storage, a floor-mounted vanity is often hard to clean around. Being attached to the floor, it can get difficult to clean around the bottom of your vanity. If you prefer a more effortless clean, consider another option. 

Wall Hung Vanities

Timberline Ashton 750 wall hung vanity - picture courtesy of timberline

Wall-hung vanities are vanities that attach to your bathroom wall. The bottom area where a floor-mounted vanity would connect to the floor is eliminated in the wall-hung variety. These vanities, in general, look more new-age and trendy. 

The plus of having a wall hung vanity is that it is easier to clean than a floor-hung vanity. The floating vanity allows you to clean underneath the entire area, ensuring you get everything tidy. For a minimal clean time, consider installing a wall-hung vanity into your home’s bathroom. 

However, if you prefer a large storage option, a wall-hung vanity will not impress. They often offer little in the way of storage due to the smaller size. To hide the plumbing pipes from your sink, there are likely to be installation costs associated. You will need to hide the pipes to ensure that they're not visible beneath your vanity.

Vanities With Above Counter Basins

A vanity with an above-counter basin is one that has the sink sitting on top of your counter rather than incorporated. These vanities have the potential to look classy and can add a lot of character to your bathroom. 

The installation cost for these types of vanities will not be extremely high, as the only necessity is a single hole for drainage. Since the sinks are above the counter, you also have some extra counter space, which can be excellent. 

The vanities with above-counter basins are only attached to your vanity at one point on the bottom instead of its entire being, so it may be more prone to chipping around edges. If you have children, an above-counter basin may also be an issue, as the higher sink may be out of reach for them. 

Vanities With Under Counter Basins

A vanity with an under-counter basin is the traditional bathroom vanity idea - one cabinet with the sink built in - though the under-counter basins are seamless. They have no lip that connects the sink to the vanity; it flows seamlessly together. That said, an under-counter basin can be attached to any vanity, whether it be wall-hung, floor mounted, etc. 

The seamless flow of under-counter basins offers an elegant and modern touch to your space. Clean-up is easy and quick, and the attached sink allows for extra room on your countertop. When attempting a bathroom renovation, a vanity with an under-counter basin is perfect for resale value.  

That said, the installation process can be tricky and more expensive than a traditional option. The seamless sink may look better, but it may not run cheaper. It's crucial to weigh the cost versus the benefits (like resale value) when choosing your vanity. 

Countertops for Vanities

The following are countertop types for vanities:

Engineered Stone 

An engineered stone for your vanity countertop is the perfect option if you're looking for a specific color. The way that engineered stone countertops is made result in a very orderly stone. 

Engineered stone is perfect for those that want an easy cleanup and a counter that will last. An engineered stone will last you much longer than a natural stone, and the countertop is much easier to clean as it does not absorb. 


Ceramic is a rigid material that will hold up against wear and tear. It's unlikely for a ceramic countertop to chip or break on your vanity (keeping in mind they are not indestructible, of course). 

Like the engineered stone, ceramic is easy to clean and prevents any molds or liquids. That said, ceramic is particular, and it may be harder to find many colors. 


Another non-absorbent material, acrylic, is excellent for easy cleaning and very hygienic. Acrylic is a common vanity countertop material, so it would be easy to find someone to fix yours if something were to go wrong. 

There are many color options with acrylic, which leads to a lot of customizability for your vanity. It's essential to make sure the installation is correct and professional with acrylic to get your money's worth.  

Consider This!

If your bathroom seems outdated like mine, or you are simply looking for an upgrade, consider some of these vanity options for your bathroom renovation. Decide which type of vanity you are interested in from the list above, as well as the material to get going. Each vanity and countertop material has its pros and cons, so remember to weigh your options and choose the best fit for your bathroom and style.