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Choosing the Perfect Vanity For Your Bathroom Renovation

Timberline Nevada 1200 vanity - picture courtesy of timberline

The vanity is the central feature of any bathroom. Not only does it need to hold the sink, but bathroom medicines, hair accessories and makeup. The mirror, power points and lighting all need to work well with the cabinetry, which is a big ask.

Vanities can date a bathroom. When chosen poorly, it can make the room look too big or small. If the budget allows, get a joiner to customise the vanity to take advantage of every millimetre of space.

Floor Mounted Vanities

Timberline Austin 900mm floor mounted vanity - Picture courtesy of timberline

A free standing, or floor-mounted vanity sits on the bathroom floor. Styles can vary, but they all offer much more storage space than the free floating design. The floor-mounted vanity has a large cabinet space beneath the sink, allowing for ample storage while hiding the plumbing. If you have many products to store, such as toilet paper or towels, consider a floor-mounted vanity.

As it’s attached to the floor, it can get difficult to clean around the bottom and between the legs. If you prefer a more effortless clean, consider another option.

Wall Mounted or Floating Vanities

Timberline Ashton 750 wall hung vanity - picture courtesy of timberline

Floating vanities are attached to your bathroom wall and ‘floats’ above the floor. Besides being the latest trend, they can be easy to clean under and make a small bathroom appear larger.

The downside to floating vanities is the plumbing may cost extra to hide and the storage space in the cabinet is smaller. It may need to be custom made to fit your bathroom.

Vanities With Above Counter Basins

A vanity with an above-counter basin has the sink sitting on top of the counter. These vanities have the potential to look classy and can add a lot of character to your bathroom. The sink sits like a bowl on the counter, which is a nice feature. But, it can be hard to clean around.

Since the sink sits above the counter, you have some extra counter space. But with the edges of the sink being so exposed, they’re at risk of chipping. Also, kids may have trouble reaching above the extra high basin.

Vanities With Under Counter Basins

Under counter basins are popular in traditional bathrooms. The basin is seamless with the bench and has no lip that connects the sink to the vanity.  An under counter basin can be attached to any vanity, whether it be wall or floor mounted.

These basins are easy to wipe clean. So, their practicality makes them perfect for resale.

Countertops for Vanities

Engineered Stone 

An engineered stone for your vanity countertop is modern and looks natural. If you’re looking for a particular colour, it’s the perfect option.

Engineered stone can be simply wiped clean and will last a lifetime.


Ceramic is timeless and classic and will hold up against daily wear and tear. It's unlikely a ceramic countertop will chip or break, but keep in mind they’re not indestructible.

Like the engineered stone, ceramic is easy to clean and prevents any mould or fungal growth


Another non-absorbent material, acrylic is easy to clean. It’s a common vanity countertop material and comes in a range of colours.


Need help choosing the perfect vanity for your bathroom renovation? For specialist advice on choosing the right vanity for your bathroom, speak with one of our friendly staff. We’ll help you find the perfect design to fit any budget and bathroom size without compromising on quality.