7 'Must-Do' Tips When Completing A Small Bathroom Renovation

Get The Most Out Of Your Small Bathroom Renovation!

If you live in Sydney, then chances are your looking to renovate a small bathroom. Having worked on renovating small bathrooms for over 20 years, we have come up with some clever tips and tricks on how to best design your small bathroom renovation. We have put together 7 of our best design tips below so you can maximize the design of your bathroom. If you need further help with renovating your bathroom, don't hesitate to contact our friendly team. We have the best team of bathroom design and build experts ready to help you transform your small bathroom into the perfect space.

Tip # 1 - Install a (custom) floating basin

floating basin - image courtesy of PlumbWorks

In a small room, every inch of space counts. Adding a traditional vanity with a basin top and cabinet underneath can make the room feel closed in. To keep the room spacious, best to go with a floating basin with a bottle trap (that silver thing going into the wall in the above photo). Not only is a floating basin great for making the room feel larger, but it is also has the added bonus of being super easy to clean around.

Tip # 2 - Install A Recessed Mirrored Shaving Cabinet

Recessed shaving cabinet - picture courtesy of ADP Australia

Mirrored shaving cabinets are great, you get a traditional mirror with some added storage behind. And in a small space, that extra storage might be very much needed! But unfortunately, in a small space, shaving cabinets can protrude to far past the wall, making the room feel smaller. Luckily, this can be overcome by recessing the shaving cabinet in to the wall. This will give you the best of both worlds i.e. the storage of a shaving cabinet, with the minimal look of having just a mirror.

Tip # 3 - Avoid Towel Racks & Use Robe Hook Instead

Robe hooks work a treat in small bathrooms.

Apart from encroaching into walkways, towel racks in small spaces have a tendency of getting in the way and clashing with the bathroom and shower screen door. If you find your not having much luck finding a suitable place for your towel racks, then ditch your towel rack for rob hooks behind the door or rob hooks high up on a clear wall.

Tip # 4 - Install A Shower Niche

Shower niche - picture courtesy of Beth Kooby Design

A small bathroom often means a small shower. And adding a shelf in an already small shower will definitely make it difficult to move around comfortably without banging shower bottles off your new shelf. Make your daily shower as comfortable as possible and avoid the need for a shelf by installing a built in shower niche. A built in shower niche is a small cavity which your bathroom builder can construct within the thickness of the wall. Pro Tip: Avoid tiling the back of your shower niche with a feature tile to the rest of your bathroom wall as this can draw attention to the bottles being housed in the shower niche. A niche of size 300mmx600mm generally works well but best to check that your tallest bottle isnt taller than 300mm high.

Tip # 5 - Install A Cavity (Pocket) Door Or Barn Door

Cavity door used in a small bathroom

If you have a swinging door into your small bathroom then the space at the entrance of your bathroom will definitely feel cluttered. Get rid of that awkward swinging door by installing a cavity door (or pocket door) in your bathroom. It should be noted that a cavity door might not always be possible and we advice speaking to a qualified builder before ripping down a wall to install a new cavity door. If a cavity door unfortunately doesn't work, all is not lost, and a barn door can be installed instead which will produce the same effect.

Tip # 6 - Match A Busy Floor With Large And Simple Wall Tiles

Feature floor tiles and simple wall tiles work great in a small bathroom.picture courtesy of
Decus Interiors

Don't ask us why, but from experience, the use of a feature/busy floor and simple large tiles is the best combination for making a small room feel more spacious. The types of feature floors are endless but in 2020 there seems to be a trend towards hexagonal tiles being used as a feature floor. Also, our friends at tile cloud have some great tile ideas if you are looking to produce a feature floor in your small bathroom.

Tip # 7 - Go With Lighter/Brighter Colours

This ones a classic and a no brainier for any small space, especially ones with poor natural light. Avoid darker colors in a small bathroom and go with predominately lighter colors, especially on the walls.

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