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Completed apartment bathroom renovation in Riley St, Surry Hills

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Vivid Bathrooms is a specialist apartment bathroom renovation company based in Sydney. We understand that completing a bathroom renovation in a strata apartment building is different from a house, and with our experience, we can guide you every step of the way. From the initial strata approval process, then helping you procure the items and finally building your new bathroom, you are in safe hands when renovating with Vivid. So whether you are looking to renovate a small bathroom or something more significant in your unit, don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

How much does a apartment bathroom renovation cost?

The cost of an apartment bathroom renovation can be split into two components, namely the cost of labour and the materials. The cost of labour includes the cost to construct the bathroom and provides tradespeople like an electrician, plumber and tiler, to name a few. The cost of the materials consists of the cost of the items required to build the bathroom like tiles, vanity, toilet suite and tapware, to name a few.

Of course, the cost of an apartment bathroom renovation varies and depends on factors like i) how easy access is ii) whether there is significant plumbing work required or how complex the tiling work is. Also, the types of fittings used can have a significant impact on the cost. For example, tiles from Asia are generally cheaper than tiles imported from European countries like Italy or Spain, where quality is very high.

However, for the average apartment renovation in Sydney, with medium-range fittings, a reasonable price is between $22,000 (GST Incl) and $28,000 (GST Incl).

What is the strata approval process?

Can you renovate a bathroom in an apartment? In short, the answer is yes. However, bathroom renovations in units are considered a major renovation, and laws in New South Wales (NSW) require homeowners to undergo the appropriate approval process with their body corporate. The approval process generally requires the owner to submit the proposed work, a plan drawing of the new bathroom and a copy of the builder's license and insurance to the strata management company.

If the building does not have a by-law already drafted for bathroom renovations, the owner will need to get one drafted by a lawyer. However, if there have been recent bathroom renovations completed in the building, there would already be a by-law in place, and a new by-law will not be required.

The final approval process requires a vote from the body corporate members at the annual general meeting (AGM). If the AGM for the year has already passed, then the owner may request a special meeting to get the renovation approved. 

Vivid Bathrooms has helped countless homeowners around Sydney get approval for their unit bathroom renovation. We will help you to get all the documents required to submit to your strata manager.

Pro tip 1: Ensure you give your neighbours plenty of notice about your upcoming renovation. The first day of the renovation can be noisy, so your neighbours will appreciate plenty of warning to plan their day accordingly.

Pro tip 2: Getting approval can sometimes take time. It is advised that homeowners get their applications to their strata company early to avoid delays.

Which areas do you service?

Our primary service areas for bathroom renovations are and the of Sydney. We also service areas in the lower north shore like North Sydney, Wollstonecraft and Crows Nest.

Apartment bathroom renovations for the elderly

The design requirements for senior homeowners differ from those of younger homeowners. We have completed hundreds of bathrooms renovations for elderly homeowners and are familiar with the unique design requirements required, like walk-in showers, over height toilet suites and grab rails. Our designers will incorporate all the needs to ensure you get the most from your apartment bathroom during the design process.

Design tips for apartment renovations

Apartment bathrooms are generally small bathrooms. And therefore, the renovator needs clever ideas to maximize the use of the space. Keep in mind the following tips when renovating your apartment;

1. Use a narrow vanity if possible. Most vanities are 450mm deep which are too deep for a small bathroom. Consider ordering a more shallow vanity. The vanity will generally need to be custom made.

2. Use lighter colours throughout the bathroom. The soft colours will help light reflect throughout the bathroom, giving a sense of space.

3. Install larger format tiles on the walls. Again, this will give a sense of space as small and patterned wall tiles can close in a small bathroom.

4. If the bathroom has both a shower and a bath, consider removing the bathtub and creating a walk-in shower with a single panel shower screen. Removing the tub will make more space in the bathroom and become a lot easier to clean with less glass.

For more tips, read our blog on small bathroom renovation tips before designing your apartment bathroom. 

Pro tip: For apartments that don't have laundry, try squeezing in a space for a washing machine if possible. 

Limitations for apartment bathroom renovations

As a general rule, it is good to keep in mind that the plumber can't relocate the position of a toilet in an apartment renovation. However, the location of the vanity and shower can generally be swapped if desired.

Also, getting approval from the body corporate to remove an internal wall to expand a bathroom will generally be rejected. Therefore the plan area of a bathroom will have to remain the same. If you are lucky and your body corporate approves removing an internal wall, you will need to ensure the wall is not load-bearing and get approval from a structural engineer first.

Where can I find your apartment bathroom renovation reviews?

If you are interested in learning more about our fantastic customer service, don't hesitate to read our customer reviews. Our reviews can be found on our Google profile and also our Houzz profile. 

Why consider Vivid for your apartment renovation?

The focus of our company is to create for you a beautiful bathroom with the least amount of stress.

Initially, our designers will work with you during the planning phase to help prepare a detailed plan, which takes everything into account.

We then organise the procurement and delivery of all the items required for your renovation to the site. After delivering the items, we then begin the construction process, which is fully project managed.

During the construction, you will have a dedicated project manager who will keep you informed every step of the way. Should you have any questions or concerns, you will have access to your dedicated project manager 24/7.

All the tradesmen working on your renovation have worked with Vivid for several years. We have vetted them as licenced and quality tradesmen. Together, these tradesmen and the Vivid team have completed hundreds of renovations in Sydney and work like a well-oiled machine. Learn more about Vivid by visiting our home page.

Before starting your apartment bathroom renovation, contact us for a free no-obligation consultation. We’ll work with your strata by-laws to get your bathroom renovation completed on time and hassle free.

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