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7 Top Apartment Bathroom Renovation Ideas 2022

The modern apartment bathroom may be small, but it can pack a lot of comfort and function into a limited space. This year, the old, outdated bath is out, and the high-tech, spa-like retreat is in. Here are the ten top features of today’s modern bath. Pick your favorites to create a space that’s uniquely you in 2022. 

1. Free-Standing Soaker Tub

There’s no substitute for a luxurious soaker tub. And today’s trend separates the soaker tub from the shower enclosure for the ultimate in relaxation. Gone are the vintage claw feet of yesteryear. They’ve been replaced by the simple lines of the oversized soaker tub that sets directly on the floor.

It’s bold and chunky, and it’s a perfect fit for today’s most comfort-forward apartment bath. If you lack space for a separate soaker tub, make sure you bump up the whole shower experience to take its place. 

2. Steam Shower

So, you only have room for a shower, but what a shower it can be. When you add a steam function, rainfall shower head, and LED lights for chromatherapy, it makes taking a shower your new favorite hobby. You’ll want to linger inside a shower that’s designed to relax your muscles and your mind simultaneously. Want more? Install a bluetooth shower speaker and enjoy a little mood music after a long, tough day. 

3. Enclosed Toilet

Even a small apartment bathroom has room for a discreet pocket door. So why not designate a personal space for the toilet? Modern designers are building cubbies to hide the throne, so there’s no awkwardness when you share the bath with your spouse. Forgot to lock the door? It’s all good when you’re tucked away behind a sliding pocket door that takes up virtually no space. 

4. Radiant-Heat Flooring

Of course you’ll want sustainable flooring in your luxury apartment bathroom, but tiles that are toasty on the toes are the definition of luxury. Through innovative technology, many hardwoods can now be installed over radiant heat. So pick one that replenishes quickly, and whose harvesting leaves a low-impact footprint on the planet. 

5. Floating Vanity

A floating vanity is the essence of sleek, contemporary design. Better — it frees up precious floor space in a small apartment bathroom. Floating vanities make small, cramped spaces appear bigger, which is key when creating a home spa in as mall space. 

6. Teak Bath Mat

You’ll need a bathmat in your apartment bathroom, so why not buy one that’s a real conversation starter? Teak bathmats not only look high end, but they have natural properties that make them a perfect fit for the bathroom. They’re resistant to humidity, which means they won’t grow mold. They’re also naturally slip-resistant and durable. A teak bathmat can go next to your tub or in your shower and still last for years. 

7. High-Efficiency Toilet

One flush for number one and two for number two — it’s what we mean when we mention efficiency. Choose a high-efficiency toilet for your new space to help save water while keeping things clean and under control. Low-flow toilets like these can save as much as 27,000 gallons of water per year. That’s a huge discount on your water bill. And they’re designed in such a way that you’ll never notice the difference. 


Relaxation is important, more today than ever. So if you’re renovating your apartment bathroom, why not go that extra mile and make decisions you’ll love for years to come? With the right features, your home bath can help you conquer impossible levels of stress, which might be exactly what we’re all going to need in 2021.