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The Complete Guide To Freestanding Baths

The freestanding bath is the ultimate luxury piece in a bathroom.

For most home owners, it’s the desired focal feature in a bathroom renovation as it offers elegance and often anchors a blank wall or fills a corner space. 

Freestanding baths can come in a range of styles and shapes to suit the area allowance in your bathroom. If a freestanding bath is a must have feature in your bathroom, check out our comprehensive guide for the best options. 

Round Freestanding Bath

The Block Round Bath Bathroom by Josh & Elyse

Who can forget the stunning round freestanding bath from The Block contestants Josh and Elyse back in 2017? Their bathroom was a show stopper and it certainly put round freestanding baths on the radar. This style of freestanding bath does scream luxury and best suits a bathroom with enough space for ease of use. It’s also not a budget friendly option if you’re trying to keep costs down on your bathroom reno but it will certainly add sophistication to your new bathroom.

Oval Freestanding Bath

If the round shape is still important in your freestanding bath, the oval bath may be another option to consider. Often described as an egg shaped bath, the oval freestanding bath is luxurious as it is popular in many bathroom renovations. It comes in a range of price points and is best installed near a wall or against a window.

Bone Made Oval Freestanding Bath

Square/Rectangular Freestanding Bath

If space is limited in the bathroom and your freestanding bath is non-negotiable, a square or rectangular shaped freestanding bath is a great option. It gives the best of both worlds as the bath can be installed against a wall allowing plenty of floor space for flow in the bathroom.

Back to Wall

A common problem with freestanding baths is not allowing enough room around the bath for cleaning and maintenance. A back-to-wall freestanding bath prevents water from escaping behind the bath and it also ensures maximum floor space if the bathroom is small. The angular shape of the bath can also streamline the style of your bathroom if you’re after straight lines in your design.

Black Freestanding Bath

Black Freestanding Bath The Styling Edge

For instant impact, a black freestanding bath will certainly be a showstopper in your bathroom reno. Black fixtures are becoming popular in bathrooms, so if you’re after a bath to match or simply one that will stand out that little bit more, choose a black freestanding bath. They are certainly gaining popularity for their look and timeless style.

Freestanding Claw Foot Bath

The most classic styles of freestanding baths is the claw foot bath. It’s elegance is best suited to federation or art deco style bathrooms. It certainly can make an impact in modern bathrooms too.

Freestanding Bath Brands to Consider

Freestanding baths can come in material options of acrylic, ceramic, steel and stone. Acrylic is popular due to its affordability and ease for installation.

The best brands to consider for your freestanding bath include

  • Caroma
  • Decina
  • Fienza
  • Kado Lux
  • Base
  • Posh Solus
  • Omvivo
  • Laufen


If you want a freestanding bath included in your bathroom renovation and you’re not sure on its suitability for your space, reach out to the team from Vivid Bathrooms. We can look at ways to make your dream bathroom become a reality.