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How To Choose The Perfect Bath

How to choose the perfect bath

Considering the money and labour required to install a bath, it’s a bathroom feature that requires some thought. Will it be used for the kids to splash around in or for some candles and relaxation? A bath can be a luxury feature, a necessity or both.

What to consider when choosing a bath

The right bath comes down to lifestyle, space and style. Most baths are acrylic, but it’s possible to find deluxe baths in stone, timber and copper. Some baths are even experimenting with colour.

What is an inset or drop in bath?

An inset or drop in bath is usually made of acrylic and is built into a supporting tiled structure. It’s probably the bath your parents had when you were young. Inset baths may not be as dramatic as freestanding baths, but with the right feature wall, taps and lighting, you can create the ultimate atmosphere for relaxation.


Inset baths can be built into the corner of a small bathroom making great use of a small space. They even come in different sizes to suit shorter or taller people.


Create a niche to place the toiletries and use organic materials like stone or marble to tile the bath in for a modern look. Tarnished metal or matt black taps add a modern touch.

Combine the bath and shower for practicality and space saving

In apartment blocks, bathroom space may not allow for both a shower and a bath. However, don’t be tempted to sacrifice the bath. When it comes to selling, the bath may be the deciding point for some buyers, especially those with young families.


These baths are steel pressed for extra strength and wider. Normally a bath is 750mm in width. But a wider 800mm bath allows more room for standing.


Instead of a daggy shower curtain, install a frameless glass door. Not only is it modern, but will make the bathroom appear larger.

The luxurious freestanding bath

Freestanding baths are the ultimate in luxury. They take up space and demand your time. They come in acrylic which is lighter and more affordable, stone and even metals, such as copper or pressed steel.


The tapware can be mounted on a nearby wall or from the ground, adding even more drama.


It’s important to allow adequate space around the bath for cleaning, as mould can build up if the airflow is restricted around the base.


These baths can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all have soft rounded edges. It’s important to match the shape of the bath with the tapware, so an oval bath should have oval fixtures. If your bath is more rectangular, follow that theme with the taps.


Whichever bath you choose, it will take up the majority of space in the bathroom. Rather than ignoring it and focusing on the vanity, invest some time into designing the bath area. A crisp white bath with soft edges contrasts well against organic marble, stone or terracotta tiles. Think of adding mood lighting with a LED strip around the alcove. Bring in some plants and match the metallic pot with the tarnished metal fixtures.


Don’t limit yourself to a white bath, companies are making freestanding baths in black and are experimenting with other colours. Whichever bath you choose, make sure you find one that suits your lifestyle and space and it gives you a moment of peace and relaxation.

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