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The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Renovation Costs in Sydney

Picture courtesy of Vecislavas Popa via Pexel

Bathroom renovation is a huge undertaking. If you are already living in the house, it can cause great discomfort and inconvenience. With tradespeople coming in and out of your house, the noise, and the overall disturbance to your everyday life. Bathroom renovations can also cost a pretty penny. Sydney bathroom renovation costs vary a lot. It can be as low as a few thousand dollars to as high as a few hundred thousand dollars. The key to a successful bathroom renovation is planning, preparation, and sticking to the budget.

Average Bathroom Renovation Costs in Sydney

The first step to a bathroom renovation is determining your needs. Do you need tile replacement? Double sink? Disability bathroom? Once you’ve listed all the must-haves, the next important step is to know the costs. It is only after you have a good idea of the costs that the wants will come in. Do you fancy marble floors? Want to add a skylight? Custom-made vanity? A Spanish tile accent wall?

There are a lot of factors to consider when setting the budget for a bathroom renovation. Size and type of finishes are the biggest factors in relation to costs. Generally, bathroom renovation costs in Sydney average at about $20,000. A standard cosmetic makeover can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000, while a standard bathroom renovation starts at around $10,000.

What can you expect from a budget of $5,000 to $15,000?

A budget makeover for a standard-sized bathroom

A full renovation for a small bathroom using budget or mid-range fittings and materials

No structural changes, mainly cosmetic improvements only

Limited choices on tiles, fittings, and materials

What can you expect from a budget of $15,000 to $30,000?

A full renovation for a mid-sized bathroom using mid-range fittings and materials

A budget makeover or a partial renovation for a large bathroom

A premium renovation for a small-sized bathroom

Better quality tiles, fittings, and materials

Could include minor plumbing and electrical work

What can you expect from a budget of $30,000 and up?

A full renovation for a mid-sized bathroom using premium fittings and materials

A mid-range makeover or a large bathroom using mid-range fittings and materials

A premium renovation for a small-sized bathroom

High-end tiles, fittings, and materials

A partial or total change of the bathroom layout

Average Costs of the Most Expensive Aspects of a Bathroom Renovation

Here are five of the most expensive spends on a full bathroom renovation. Costs will vary according to quality, size of the bathroom, and availability. But knowing the following costs will already give you a good idea of how much your bathroom renovation is going to cost you.


Tile expense makes up about 20% of the full bathroom renovation cost. Tiles can go from the basic white ceramic tile for $30 per square metre to as much as $150 per square metre for natural stone tiles. There is a whole lot of options in between. A good-quality porcelain tile can go for $60 per square metre.


A whole new shower can cost you $5,000 easy. This includes tiling, waterproofing, showerheads, storage, towel racks, shower screen, and plumbing. The cost could still go up if you prefer high-end fittings. While a full cosmetic update without structural changes – new fixtures or re-tiling can be as low as $2,000.


The basic ready-to-install hung vanity costs about $500, $1,200 with a basin, and $1,500 for a double basin. The basic standing console vanity costs about $900. Prices will vary if you choose better quality basins. Then you will also have to add mirrors, which costs anywhere between $50 to $1,000. Bespoke vanity prices will depend on the size, specification, and materials used.

Tubs and Toilets

Major elements of the bathroom like the toilet and bathtub are also the most expensive. New fixtures can make up 30% of your total bathroom renovation expense. The basic toilet is about $200 while a luxurious one can go over $1,000. The bathtub can be the most expensive piece in the bathroom. A regular acrylic tub is about $400, while a statement piece can go as much as $10,000. Heavy tubs also mean additional reinforcement work on the floor.


The cost of labour is the one constant in a bathroom renovation. You can skip getting a new floor or a new vanity, but you will always need to consider the labour costs for every single aspect of the renovation. Tilers, plumbers, electricians, designers, and carpenters are all licensed professionals who will extend their expertise to create your dream bathroom.

Apartment Bathroom Renovation Costs and Work Considerations

Special considerations are required when renovating apartment bathrooms in Sydney. Unlike in regular houses and buildings, any home renovation, including bathroom renovations in Sydney apartments has to adhere to the building’s by-laws or body corporate.

What is strata by-laws?

Every apartment building in Australia is governed by its strata by-laws. Also known as body corporate, it is a set of rules and regulations exclusive for its use. It is written and voted upon by the unit owners and residents of the building. New residents must adhere to the current by-laws. The regulations included in the by-laws cover day-to-day living systems like noise control, use of common areas, and pet approvals. It also includes regulations pertaining to the upkeep of the building and construction works done in individual units like bathroom renovations.

The strata by-laws or body corporate might contain what renovations are allowed and to what extent it is allowed. The following rules are some examples of limitations that might affect your planned bathroom renovations:

Renovation approval – You will need to submit a bathroom renovation plan and have it approved before any work could commence. The plan must include the specific construction work to be done, inclusive dates of the renovation, and the name of the contractors.

Change in floor plans – Apartment bathroom renovations are usually limited to remodels and cosmetic upgrades. Most apartment by-laws do not allow for any change of bathroom floor plans as it will affect the entire plumbing and wiring layouts of the building.

Wall demolitions – Any wall demolitions have to be approved by the building’s management, which they will refer to the engineers. Apartment walls are not just built for room divisions, they are also instrumental in the building’s structural integrity. Do not be surprised if your request to take down walls is denied.

Tradie certifications – Most apartment buildings have long-standing arrangements with contractors who do most of their repair, renovation, and upgrade works. For constructions commissioned by individual owners in their units, the owners will have the option to use tradies and workers of their choice. However, the building management will most likely require certifications and permits.

Work hours – Bathroom renovations generate significant noise and disruption that might affect your neighbours. Thus, most construction works are limited to certain hours of the day. Plan accordingly.

Other considerations when renovating apartment bathrooms include:

Waste removal and disposal – You will need a professional demolition and waste removal team who will take care of the removal and disposal of construction wastes. The building management will certainly not allow the dumping of wastes in any of its common areas and vicinity.

Materials Logistics – Getting construction materials and equipment to your apartment unit can be tricky. You might be limited to using the service elevators so as not to cause disturbance and distress to the other residents of the building. This also applies to the removal of debris and other construction wastes.

Work permits – if you prefer to use other Sydney bathroom renovators aside from the ones accredited by the building management, certain permits and certifications will be required by the building management.

Is there any difference in apartment bathroom renovation costs compared to regular bathroom renovations?

The above-mentioned apartment renovation considerations and factors could affect the full bathroom renovation cost. Apartments will most likely require you to work only with licensed contractors. For example, only licensed water proofers are allowed to work on waterproofing bathroom renovation and repairs. Some optional aspects of the renovation like waste removal and pre-approval of renovation plans are strictly required in apartment bathroom renovations. These could entail additional expenses.

You might also be required to sign an indemnity agreement and pay a security deposit. This will cover any repair costs that may result from the renovation like replacement of damaged carpeting in the hallway due to materials and tools transport.

A smart way to keep apartment bathroom renovation costs down is you hire a licensed bathroom renovator. It is less hassle for you as they will provide you with all the necessary permits, source certified tradies, deal with the apartment management, and ensure compliance with the strata by-laws. All these additional services come with the contract, at no extra charge.

Small Bathroom Renovation Costs

Bathroom renovation costs in Sydney are largely dependent on the amount of work needed to be done, the type of fittings and finishes desired, and on size of the bathroom. Generally, a small bathroom, typically around 4 square metres in size, will cost from $5,000-$15,000 to renovate. This is fittingly less than renovating larger rooms. Renovating a medium-sized bathroom, approximately about 6 square metres will cost about $10,000-$20,000, and larger bathrooms for up to $25,000. However, there are more factors to the renovation that could significantly affect the costs.

Space management features – Smaller bathrooms mean packing on in functionalities and features. Bespoke storage and cabinetry use space more creatively and efficiently, giving you more functional space. But this also means higher costs. A regular bathroom cabinet or vanity costs around $500. Hiring a carpenter to build you one will cost you $60 an hour and the materials used. Space efficient fixtures like wall-hung vanities and in-wall toilets are more expensive than the more conventional models.

Luxurious finishes – The smaller bathrooms like powder rooms and guest bathrooms are also the show rooms. Thus, premium finishes, fixtures, and fittings are more suitable. Despite its size, the superior quality materials will offset the costs. The $30/square metre standard white tiles might be ideal for the kids’ bathroom, not for the powder room. A splurge on $100/square metre artisan tiles is justified with your fabulous powder room.

Plans and permits – Apartment bathrooms are generally smaller, but that does not mean cheaper renovation costs. Apartment bathroom renovations need professional construction plans in order to get a permit. No DIY renovations are allowed, and owners are even required to pay a security deposit that will cover any damages as a result of the renovation.

Luxury Bathroom Renovation Costs

We all dream of a fabulous bathroom. Top-of-the-line fixtures, luxurious finishes, and designed to cater to our every need. For most, the only thing stopping us from getting that dream bathroom is our budget, or the lack of it. That is perfectly understandable as luxury bathroom renovation costs can be too steep.

So, how much will a luxurious bathroom renovation in Sydney cost?

The simple answer is – as much as you are willing to spend. Aside from the premium materials to be used, its size and the amount of work to be done are also major considerations when budgeting for your luxury bathroom renovation. If you are going for a total renovation – new tiles, new fixtures, and all the modern add-ons, you should start with a budget of $30,000.

Here are the price ranges of the most expensive bathroom renovation elements:

Tiles – Tiles aren’t the most expensive element to a bathroom renovation. But, considering its coverage – floors and walls, the costs add up. Premium tiles start at around $80 per square metre with specialty tiles costing as much as $150 per square metre. Carrara marble for walls and floors starts at around $400 per square metre, while the fabulous Calacatta marble will set you back at around $2,000 per square metre of wall or floor.

Tubs – The modern minimalist freestanding tub starts at around $1,000. Your choices on style and shape are vastly expanded with a $2,000 budget. Top-of-the-line stone baths start at $4,000, while multi-functional baths with spa elements cost $6,000 and beyond.

Vanities – Medium-sized, modern, and premium quality vanities start at around $2,000. These usually come with one or two basins and matching wall mirrors. Chic and elegant pieces with larger storage spaces will cost you about $3,000. Bespoke vanities will depend on the cost of materials used. For the fabulous and luxurious bathrooms, marble countertops will cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.

Toilets – A toilet is considered for its functionalities more than its looks. A modern $4,000 unit doesn’t look much different from a $400 one. They both serve their function perfectly. To make a toilet seat luxurious, one has to have more than one functionality. A $4,000 toilet features a hidden cistern, temperature controls, massage functions, LED night lights, self-drying seats, and more.

Fittings – Faucets, showerheads, and towel holders do not cost as much per item. But they can add up the costs considerably. A brushed nickel sink faucet costs about $1,000, while an antique black for about $800. A ceiling-mounted rain shower is about $600, while a modern black double showerhead costs about $1,300. A brushed gold towel rail will cost you $700, and a more modest gun metal heated ladder is about $500.

How to Keep Your Bathroom Renovation Costs Down

The cost is a key consideration when renovating a bathroom. Bathroom renovation is not cheap, and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up spending way more than you plan or can afford to. Planning is essential to realising your bathroom renovation goals and keeping the costs down. Here are some effective tips for planning and keeping your bathroom renovation costs down.

Know your renovation objectives – What are the reasons that propelled you to renovate your bathroom? Are you updating the looks and styling of the interiors? Do you want to modernise the fixtures? Or is it more of an aesthetics makeover to increase the value of the house for its impending sale? Determining the goal behind your bathroom renovation will help you focus on the aspects that need to be done. If you’re aiming to sell your home, a modern and generic bathroom upgrade is best. If you’re renovating to accommodate your needs, personalise and focus on the fixtures that are important to you. If warm baths make you happy, then splurge on a huge tub. Makeup is life? Go big on a bespoke makeup vanity!

Commit to a budget

Once you’ve determined your bathroom renovation goals, set a budget that you can afford. It is very easy to lose control of your renovating spending, especially in bathroom renovations. If you’re not careful, your actual spending can double or triple. Prioritise the urgent necessities like plumbing and toilet replacement. Only when your budget still allows that you add in aesthetic works like tile replacement or a new vanity.

Prioritise functionality

Standard tiles can be as low as $20 per square metre and go as high as $200 for artisan tiles. Toilets range from $150 to $800. While tubs may cost you from $450 to several thousand dollars. The price difference can be due to a whole different set of attributes, styles, and functionality between the products. The style, looks, and add-on features come with a price. The key is focusing on functionality first. Then choose the add-ons that you can afford.

Reuse and recycle

Don’t be afraid to mix vintage with modern. It gives the room character and its unique look. It would be a shame to throw away a perfectly working and beautiful vanity. Let it be the focal point of the room and save some money too! Before renovating your bathroom, scour the room for beautiful and still-functioning pieces like faucets, basins, accent floors, and lighting fixtures that you can incorporate with the new bathroom.

Keep to the classics

Sticking to the classics will keep your bathroom in style longer, saving you money in the long run. It can be tempting and exciting to pick the latest trends and styles. But keep in mind that trends come and go, fast. The hottest thing in bathroom renovations today might be too bright, tacky, or dated after a year or two, forcing you to another renovation. The classics, on the other hand, will look stylish and elegant for a very long time.

Shop around

Supplies and suppliers for bathroom renovation are abundant. With a wide range of styles, qualities, and price tags, you will have the luxury of choosing the best materials for your bathroom at the price that you can afford. That is also true for renovation labour. Take the time to look around, shop for the materials and services you’ll need, then compare for the best value you can get. This will help you get a solid idea of the bathroom renovation costs and save a lot of money too!

Work with a bathroom renovator

Working with a bathroom renovator has a lot of advantages – less hassle and high-quality work among others. Bathroom renovators can also help you save a lot of money. They are the insiders of the industry and have access to all its resources. Bathroom renovators will take care of everything required for the renovation project – from planning and design to sourcing materials and tradies. And they will only charge you one fee – the total cost of the renovation. No surprise charges or hidden fees. The bundled contract will ultimately lower the full bathroom renovation cost.

Cost of Labour for a Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation project requires several proficiencies. There are many distinct and specialised aspects in the bathroom interiors and each one needs the expertise of trained and skilled professionals. Saving money by hiring a jack-of-all-trade is a quick recipe for disaster. The costs of labour for each field of expertise also vary. On average, the cost of labour for bathroom renovation is from $40 to $80 per hour. Here are the most common tradies or bathroom repair and construction professionals you might need for your bathroom renovation project and their respective labour rates.


Hiring the right plumbers is crucial to a successful bathroom renovation. They are responsible for a bathroom that works. They lay down pipes, install all the major components of the bathroom including the toilet, shower, faucets, bathtubs, and all its corresponding plumbing needs. Their work is hidden behind walls and floors yet is the core of a functional and comfortable bathroom. Bathroom plumbing costs in Sydney average at $80 per hour.


Beautifully installed tiles separate the stunning bathroom from the ordinary. A tiler can make or break the overall look of your bathroom. It takes a lot of commitment and practice to learn the art of tiling. Tiling is a labour-intensive job that also needs skill and mastery to lay tiles with precision. Bathroom tiling in Sydney costs around $50 per hour.


Another essential tradie you’ll need for any bathroom renovations is an electrician. Do not compromise on the safety of your family, hire only professional and licensed electricians to install wirings, switches, lighting, heating, and anything that requires an electrical connection. They will also enhance the look and mood of your bathroom with LED lights, mood lighting, and other lighting features. A licensed electrician for bathroom renovations in Sydney charges from $75 to $100 an hour.


The integrity of your home structure depends a lot on the proper waterproofing of bathrooms. Water and moisture should be completely contained within the bathroom walls. Regular concrete walls and flooring aren’t enough. Sealants and membranes are necessary to seal the room and protect the adjoining rooms from leaks, seepage, and decay. A number of tilers in Sydney are also licensed water proofers, their average hourly rate is about $50.


Bathroom designers make the difference between a humdrum and a spectacular bathroom. They will provide you with design options, guide you through the nitty-gritty of costs and materials availability, point out impractical choices and provide better options, and help you realise your dream bathroom. A great Sydney bathroom designer will put together a beautiful bathroom with all your needs and whims. An interior and bathroom designer may charge from $500-$4,000 or more on a project.

Other bathroom tradies and professionals you might need for your bathroom renovation include the following:


Architects and structural engineers are necessary if you are going for more than just a cosmetic bathroom renovation. If you are going to change the floorplan of your bathroom, replace or install new fixtures like a freestanding tub, or move the wall, you will need the services of an architect or a structural engineer. Professional costs start at $2,000 per project.

Demolition team

Bathroom demolition is not as simple as knocking down walls or ripping fixtures off. There is a fine art to it that ensures the preservation of the building’s structural integrity. An expert bathroom demolition team will take out the necessary elements – tiles, cabinetry, and fixtures carefully, ensuring that the remaining aspects like the walls and floors are undisturbed. Careless demolition will only result in additional work and expense. Tile removal will cost around $30-$50 per square metre, but the overall demolition and waste removal might add up to a few thousand dollars.


Some areas of the bathrooms not covered in tiles will need painting or wallpapering. Painting your bathroom could be an easy DIY for some, but if you’re gunning for the best results, hiring professionals is your best option. They would know the right paint to use for the bathroom, as ordinary paint will not suffice for the wet and humid environment of the room. Painter rates in Sydney range from $40-$50 per hour.


Fancy some bespoke cabinets, storage, or vanity for your bathroom? You’ll need carpenters for the job. Designing, constructing, and installing custom cabinets, vanities, and other wooden fixtures require the expertise and skills of professional bathroom carpenters. All these components have to be incorporated with the plumbing, electrical wirings, and drainage of the bathroom. Bathroom carpenters in Sydney charge around $60 per hour.

Glass installers

Installing glass in bathrooms can be extremely complicated and dangerous, especially if you don’t have the right tools and skills for the job. Wall mirrors, glass shower screens, and windows are heavy and fragile at the same time. Workers have to be strong, skilled, and equipped to safely and properly install them. Glass installers charge from $70-120 per hour.

These professionals might not be required for some bathroom renovations but are necessary to others.

The labour cost of bathroom renovations in Sydney will vary a lot and depends largely on the amount and type of renovation work required. Charges can add up easily. Plus, dealing with several tradies can be confusing and stressful. You can streamline your bathroom renovation by contracting with a bathroom renovator instead. This way, you only have to deal with one person, a representative of the entire renovation team. Renovation costs are better managed with contracts drawn to specify the work requirements and the costs relative to them. Thus, you will have a better idea of the full bathroom renovation cost even before any work is started.

Cost of Fixtures and Fittings for a Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations are not cheap, and fittings take the biggest cut of the total bathroom renovation cost. Fixtures and fittings often dictate the luxury and comfort level of the bathroom. They are also significant factors to the styling and aesthetics of the bathroom interiors. Bathroom fittings and fixtures are the most subjected to the normal wear and tear from regular use. Thus, they are the most replaced components of the renovation.

Fortunately, the cost of fittings is also wide-ranging. Thus, you’ll find it achievable to outfit your bathroom with all the fittings it needs and within the budget you have. Here are the essential bathroom fixtures and fittings and their price ranges.

Toilets – A new toilet can set you back for as much as $1,000 and more for a high-end model, or as little as $200 for the basic white unit. You can get perfectly functional, modern, and impressive toilets at around $500-$600, while a wall-hung smart toilet with a discreet cistern and flush plate will cost you about $4,000.

Tubs – Bathtubs have one purpose, which is to provide a luxurious soaking bath. However, there is a wide variety of bathtub options – built-in, freestanding, round, rectangular, ceramic, copper, wooden, stone, corner, steel, black, white, contour, spa…endless. Prices range from about $400 to over $10,000.

Vanities – Vanities can be custom-built or bought ready to install. The cost for a bespoke vanity will depend on its size, materials used, and details of the build. The more intricate, elements, and functionalities to inject, the higher its cost. For readymade vanities, prices start at around $500 for a wall-hung or freestanding cabinet with one sink and a couple of drawers. An elegant freestanding quartz vanity with two basins and six cabinets costs about $2,000.

Basins – Chic and eye-catching basins highlight the bathroom sink. Unlike toilets and showers that are more discreet, basins are at the well-lighted focal point of the room. Pick an elegant piece for the more public rooms like the powder room or the guest bedroom ensuite. A sturdy standard one is a more practical option for the kid’s bathroom. Basins can go from $150 for a basic ceramic basin to over $1,000 for s showstopper stone basin.

Faucets and Taps – Faucets are fundamental bathroom fixtures. They are used to access and control the water supply in the bathroom. You’ll need basin spouts, bath mixers, bidet taps, and shower taps. They come in a wide variety of styles, made, functionalities, and prices. Standard sink faucets cost about $50, while a gold-brushed bath mixer hand spray can cost you as much as $2,000.

Showerheads – Shower heads have evolved over the years. The simple overhead spout has evolved into rain showers and even wall shower systems. As a result of more sophisticated functionalities, many homeowners are opting to update their showering experience. Prices vary according to make, sophistication, and style. You can buy a good-quality chrome shower head for less than $50, while a modern wall-mounted shower sheet goes for about $700.

Below are non-essential fixtures and fittings and their costs.

Shower Screens – Shower screens have replaced the cumbersome shower curtain. The sleek glass panel separates the shower area from the rest of the room and keeps water splashes and moisture contained. They are mostly ordered and customised. The price will depend on the size, the style, and whether you prefer them framed or not. A standard framed shower screen costs around $400, while a frameless one of the same size will start at around $600.

Wall Mirrors – Wall mirrors come in different styles, made, functionalities. Some mirrors double as discreet storage, a lamp, or a thermometer. A basic frameless wall-hung mirror starts at $50 depending on its size, made, and style. On the other end of the price spectrum, a heated, with anti-fog, thermostat, and back-lit mirror will cost you well over $1,000.

Shelves, Rings, Bars, and Rails – Bathrooms require accessible and convenient spaces to accommodate temporary storage and safekeeping needs. You need to have a specific place for your towels, soap, robe, tissue paper, and toiletries. A basic chrome robe or towel hook costs $10, while a high-end bronze towel rail costs $120. Buying them in sets will save you some dollars and create a cohesive look for your bathroom.

Cabinets – Bathroom cabinets provide a safe and secure space for all your bathroom items and grooming paraphernalia. Medicines, spare towels, electronic grooming devices, and cosmetics must be kept in a dry and safe place. Medicine and shaving cabinets come at varying styles and prices. A basic 2-door shaving cabinet with mirror costs around $200, while an elegant shaving cabinet with three panels of adjustable shelves, lighted, a display shelf, and a frameless mirror front costs about $800.


For any bathroom renovation projects, it is always recommended to work with the experts. This will not only streamline the work and minimise disruption to your day-to-day life, but it can also save you a ton of money. Bathroom renovators and licensed tradespeople are trained, skilled, and equipped with the necessary tools to do the job correctly and adroitly. Hiring the best bathroom renovators in Sydney is not an extra expense. It is an option for you to save money while ensuring the safety, a beautiful finish, and quality workmanship for your bathroom renovation project.