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Your Guide To The Best Matte Black Tapware

The popularity of Matt Black Tapware in bathrooms has not waned. This colour finish is nearly as popular as chrome and has now become a leading finish choice in tapware. 

But not all matt black tapware finishes are the same. It can be a disappointing discovery to notice peeling or colour fading on your matt black mixer after months of use. 

When choosing matt black tapware, it pays to check the finish and ensure you’re buying from a quality tapware brand to avoid problems in the future. 

Here are the top matt black tapware brands to consider for your next bathroom renovation. And if your matt black tapware has started to peel or fade, replace it from one of the leading brands we’ve listed below. 

Meir Tapware

Meir Matte Black tapware and accessories collection

A popular choice on The Block for good reason due to style and durability, Meir Tapware is one of the leading tapware brands known for their matt black finish. Their premium range of tapware is electroplated which is a more durable finish than the budget-friendly powder coated varieties which are prone to peeling. 

Faucet Strommen

Matte Black tapware by Faucet Strommen

This Australian Made tapware brand offers a 5 year warranty on their matt black tapware against peeling and flaking. The tapware is manufactured in Australia but the finish is applied in their Kerang factory with Switzrok finish which is a trademarked composition made in Switzerland. 

Sussex Taps

Sussex offer a superior finish quality on all their tapware and can customize with your chosen hue. Their electroplated finish can offer peace of mind for an outlasting quality of colour for your tapware.

Ram Taps

One of Australia’s largest manufacturers of tapware offers a range of matt black taps in single lever mixers to hob or wall mounted tapware sets. Ram Taps offer a 15 year warranty on their tapware so you can be assured of a quality finish on their matt black tapware range.


Matte Black tapware by Brodware

Brodware offers a 20 year warranty on their tapware and have a great table explaining the benefits of various types of finishes available. Electroplated and PVD are the best finishes available for their durability and ease of care. While they don’t offer a specific matt black range, there are black finishes available in Electroplated and Infinium PVD finishes.

Astra Walker

Astra Walker offer a variety of different colour finishes for their tapware. Their electroplated black chome offers a matt appearance and has a 5 year warranty. Known as an brand, you will be supporting the local economy when purchasing from this company.

Par Taps

Par Taps is known as one of Australia’s most trusted tapware manufacturer’s in Australia. They offer a selection of finishes on their tapware, including matt black. Their electroplated and powder coated finishes offer a quality tapware coating which Australian’s can rely on. The benefit to supporting Australian made means warranty issues can be sorted out onshore.

Important Notes To Consider When Buying Matte Black Tapware

The key to choosing a matt black tapware finish which won’t be prone to fading or peeling is to 

  • Choose electroplated rather than powder coated finish.
  • Purchase from a reputable tapware brand with a history of manufacturing quality tapware.
  • Be mindful of harsh cleaning chemicals and abrasive materials which can diminish the finish on your matt black tapware. Always follow the manufactures guidelines for care and cleaning.
  • Australian made tapware brands ensure any warranty issues with finish can be fixed or replaced onshore. Support Australian designed or Australian made where possible.