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A Step-By-Step Guide To Completing A Bathroom Renovation In The Eastern Suburbs

Johns Bathroom Renovation In Coogee

Step #1 - If Your Living In An Apartment, Get Approval From Your Strata Management

If your living in an apartment and thinking about a bathroom renovation in the eastern suburbs, chances are you are going to need to get approval from your strata manager to complete your renovation. Each strata scheme for a apartment building will have its own rules (or by-laws) for bathroom renovations. Best to consult your strata management company on what is required for your particular building. Generally getting approval is fairly straight forward once the required information i.e which company will be carrying out the work and a detailed outline of the renovation, are provided to the strata manager. Your bathroom builder can help you with providing the required information to your strata manager.

Step #2 - Begin The Design Process

When starting off designing your new bathroom, the choices of designs, tiles and bathroom ware can be over whelming! To help guide you towards designing the best bathroom in your home, we've put together the below list of online resources to assist you in your design journey. Alternatively, don't forget that Vivid Bathrooms offers an obligation free design consultation service for your bathroom renovation.i.
Beaumont Tiles 'Whats-My-Style' Design Guide - This brilliant tool will help you narrow down the general 'look' you are after for your new bathroom.ii.

Villeroy and Boch 3D bathroom planner - This amazing and easy to use tool by Villeroy and Boch lets you play around with different layout for your new bathroom and even gives you a a 3-D design of your bathroom.iii.
House Beautiful article on designing a small bathroom - Living in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs, chances are you don't have a large bathroom! The tips in this clever article will ensure you get the most out of your small bathroom renovation. For more tips on how to renovate a small bathroom, read our article, 7 Must-Do design tips when renovating a bathroom in Sydney.

Step #3 - Purchase Your Tiles

Once you got a good idea of the style you are after, its time to do some shopping! Our selection of tile shops below will ensure you get the best tile experts guiding you on what tiles work best in your space. Below is our pick for the top three local suppliers of tiles. Vivid Bathrooms has trade accounts with all the below tile shops, so if you decide to choose Vivid Bathrooms as your bathroom builder, you will receive our trade discount on your tiles.

1. Beaumont Tiles Alexandria
2. Tile Cloud Alexandria
3. Teranova Bronte

Step #4 - Purchase Your Bathroomware

After you've nailed down the tiles, its time to fit-out your new bathroom. Make sure to pick the finish of your fixtures and to match the colour of your tiles. Below is our pick for the top three local suppliers of bathroomware. Vivid Bathrooms has trade accounts with all the below bathroomware shops, so if you decide to choose Vivid Bathrooms as your bathroom builder, you will receive our trade discount on your bathroomware.

1. Cass Brothers Waverley
2. Reece Bathroom Life Waverley
3. Beaumont Tiles Alexandria (they also supply bathroomware)

Step #5 - Choose A Bathroom Specialist To Build Your New Bathroom!

Wither its Vivid Bathrooms who builds your new bathroom or another builder, its a good idea to build with a bathroom renovation specialist. Make sure to check that your bathroom builder holds an appropriate bathroom renovation licence. Also, don't forget to check the reviews of your proposed builder by doing a simple Google search. Be wary of any builders who have a review rating on Google below 4.5 out of 5 stars. Another great place to check for reviews of bathroom renovators is Houzz.

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