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Choosing The Perfect Colour Scheme For Your New Bathroom

picture courtesy of TLC interiors

The colour of your bathroom affects the mood, light and space of one of the most important rooms of your home. When designed well, you have a cozy retreat at the end of the day. Textures and tones of your tapware, tiles and paint work together and affect the overall atmosphere. If the fixtures and fittings harmonise, one of your home’s most functional and practical rooms can also be the most stylish.

Space, Light and Style

Following the latest trends can date your bathroom quickly if you’re not careful. Colour trends come and go. But, a bathroom with a few key elements factored into its design will always be modern and stylish. The overwhelming options on the market are endless, so, collecting your thoughts on a mood board can focus your ideas.

In any bathroom renovation, consideration these three vital factors:

·       The size of the bathroom

·       The amount of natural light

·       The colour scheme in the rest of the house

The space in the bathroom determines both the layout and colour scheme. Light colours can open up the area, making it appear larger, while darker colours make a room smaller. Think about the ambience you would like to achieve in the bathroom; bright and expansive, or warm and intimate.

Your bathroom should harmonise with the rest of your home. A modern, minimalistic bathroom may clash with a boho, hippy home. If natural materials such as slate and wood feature throughout your home, borrow some of these elements for your bathroom.

Timeless over Trendy

Your bathroom renovation needs to stand the test of time. So, your decisions should be based on quality and lasting appeal, not on short term trends. Following a trend can be tempting. Perhaps take part of the trend you like the most and work it seamlessly into a more neutral style. A bathroom renovation will last you for the next ten to twenty years, so consider how the design will age with time.

Here are some of our favourite timeless colour schemes you won’t regret.

Monochromatic Schemes

Monochromatic schemes are striking, classic and make a statement. White walls reflect light, while black absorbs it. So, when paired together, they make an amazing yet harmonious blend. Crisp white can be introduced through a porcelain bath and sink, contracting with black or marbled dark grey tiles.

The combination of these two fundamental tones, white and black, is elegant and timeless. You can also introduce a range of moods and effects with only these two shades. Depending on the tonal variations, primarily dark grey or black or white, the results can be completely different. The tonal differences can affect the whole mood of the bathroom.

Monochromatic schemes work beautifully on their own. But, they’re also an excellent backdrop for bright colours or earthy neutrals. A black and white colour scheme is a safe choice when remodeling a bathroom, as it will outlive changes in styles and trends.

Refreshing Blues

Blue is timeless because of its relaxing psychological effect. Shades of blue vary from soft, airy tones that create a stress-reducing ambience to bold and rich tones, adding a deep and dramatic mood. Light blue tiles in a warm, sunny bathroom add coolness.

Navy and rich blue tones are dramatic in a powder room or small bathroom. Lighter tones such as turquoise, teals and aquamarine will turn your bathroom into a rejuvenating sanctuary. These colours have an uplifting, beachy effect that’s both energising and refreshing.

A shade of blue is usually trending because of the feelings of calmness or serenity it evokes. Blues are peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. The colour signifies stability and reliability.

Neutral Tones

Neutral colour schemes are timeless and survive all passing trends. Bathrooms in neutral tones provide an airy yet warm feel. From sandy and cream tones to taupe and browns, earthy colour schemes create a sense of nature. In bathrooms,  choose matt finishes and large format tiles.

Team natural sandy tones with raw materials, rough-textured fabrics and greenery. Rattan materials with terracotta or natural stone tiles match beautifully with a wooden vanity.  Create a balanced, organic and eco-friendly environment that you’ll love to relax in.


For specialist advice on choosing the right colour scheme for your bathroom, speak with one of our friendly staff. We’ll help you find the perfect design to fit any budget and bathroom size without compromising on quality.