Choosing The Perfect Colour Scheme For Your New Bathroom

picture courtesy of TLC interiors

Bathroomsare the most private areas of our homes, and as such, their interior, fromcolour scheme to functionality, needs to feel comfortable and rejuvenating.Therefore, when starting a bathroom renovation, it is important to keep in mindthat this is the place where we start and finish our day and its design should createa harmonious setting.

Space, Light and Style

Bathroom renovation can be an overwhelming process for many reasons and making a lot of decisions in a short time is one of them.  The options on the market are endless, and that does not make the decision-making process easier. Before jumping ahead and base your bathroom colour scheme on current trends and your affinities solely, make sure you take into consideration the three vital factors:

·       The size of the bathroom

·       The amount of natural light

·       The colour scheme in the rest of the house

The amount of space in the bathroom is an essential element when deciding the future configuration and colour combinations. Think about the ambience you would like to achieve in the new place; bright and expansive, warm and intimate, or something in between?

Along with the amount of light, the colour scheme will impact your bathroom sense of space and its atmosphere. Choose light tones and glossy finishes to increase the amount of brightness and use a dark colour scheme when you want to achieve an intimate and dramatic effect.

The style and colour scheme of your bathroom should follow the theme of the rest of the house. The consistent visual rhythm in the space and a balanced flow between different rooms creates a harmonious effect and a pleasant living environment. Therefore, when overwhelmed with choices and options, take your focus back to the rest of your home and find the inspiration there.

Timeless over Trendy

A bathroom renovation is an undertaking with long-term results, so your decisions should be based on quality and lasting aesthetic and not on short term trends. Although trends can be captivating and tempting, before deciding to apply them in the bathroom you will use for the next ten to twenty years, consider how they fit the style of the house and will they gracefully age with it.

At the end of the day, it all comes to the colour scheme you will love in your home for years to come. Here are some of our favorite timeless combinations that will stand the test of time.

Monochromatic Schemes

White reflects light, while black absorbs it; together they make a powerful yet harmonious blend. The combination of two fundamental tones, pure white and pure black, is a statement of elegance and a timeless classic. However, in this classic mix of non-colours, there is an endless range of moods and effects. Depending on the tonal variations you use, whether you go for mostly darker grey or black elements in the scheme, or mostly white with a touch of black, the results will be completely different. The tonal differences in the use of the black and white palette and the amount of dark versus light elements will form the mood of the bathroom.

Monochromatic schemes work beautifully on their own, but they are also a great backdrop for bright colours or earthy neutrals. From traditional to contemporary, this dramatic combination grows to any design and elevates any ambience. What ever your variation is, a black and white colour scheme is a safe choice when remodeling a bathroom; it will endure and outlive all changes in styles and trends.

Refreshing Blues

The colour blue falls in the timeless category because of the relaxing psychological effect and the positive impact it has. Shades of blue vary from soft, airy tones that create a stress-reducing ambience to bold and dark tones which bring a deep and dramatic mood. Furthermore, using light blue tiles in a warm, sunny bathroom can help in “cooling it down”.  

If you are unsure about where to use deep blues, start with powder rooms or small bathrooms that are less in use. It will allow you to gradually adjust to the idea while enjoying your little stylish retreat that comes with a wow factor. The light tones such as turquoise, teals and aquamarine variations will turn your bathroom into a rejuvenating sanctuary. These colour shave an uplifting, beachy, effect that evokes the feel of tropical sceneries, acting energizing and refreshing. Because of its pleasant character and the visual comfort, we associate with the colour blue, it is not surprising that there is at least one blue shade trending in every moment.

Neutral Tones

Bathrooms in neutral tones provide an airy yet warm feel. From sandy and cream tones to taupe and browns, earthy colour schemes create a classic and refined ambience, particularly when used in mat finishes and large format tiles. Neutral colour schemes are visually appealing and will survive all passing trends.

Moreover, natural sandy tones that are additionally enhanced with raw materials, rough-textured fabrics and greenery create a balanced organic and eco-friendly ambience.