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The 6 Most Common Bathroom Mistakes Revealed

Bathroom renovations don’t always go to plan as there can be many variables to consider.

It’s a team effort to bring a visualized bathroom into reality. To ensure the completed bathroom is the one you imagined, here are 7 common bathroom mistakes to avoid.

Plan, Plan and Plan

As the saying goes if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Plan your bathroom renovation so you know exactly what you want. Use a bathroom renovation checklist to ensure you have all your materials and fixtures for a smooth renovation process. There are so many moving items and trades to manage. Getting prepared before you start booking trades is going prevent unnecessary mistakes happening on site. 

Not engaging with licensed professionals

The plumbing and electrical installations and fit off need to be done by licensed professionals. If they don’t have a license, the installation will be deemed illegal. This is not an area to be skimped on in the budget. 

Also ensure your waterproofing is installed by a certified waterproofing professional. A poor waterproofing job can shorten the lifespan of your bathroom causing moisture issues and potential structural damage to your home.

Cramming too much into a small space

Envisioning a more practical bathroom space does not mean cramming all the missing fixtures into a tiny room. It will feel closed in and won’t result in a harmonious space. 

Consider what are the necessities in the bathroom and what can you live without? Also, what are your immediate to future needs? 

Does the bathroom really need a bath if it rarely gets used and everyone uses a shower? Or can you compromise on a shower bath combo so you can get the best of both worlds? A wet bathroom design may be ideal. 

There will always be pros and cons for whatever decision you make, but base it on your current needs and how you will use the space.

Choosing poor quality taps and fixtures

Choose the best taps and fixtures you can afford. Don’t go for cheap and nasty as they may be harder to service later with parts, and often they generally have a shorter lifespan. 

Look at the warranty for your chosen taps and fixtures and if they are a well-known brand, they will be easier to service for parts in the future. 

Selecting too many features

A bathroom should be balanced with 1-2 visual features to anchor the space. Too many focal points can compete and create a busy space, which won’t correlate to the relaxing retreat you may have imagined.

Poor ventilation and light

Consider how air and light will move in the bathroom. 

Air flow is important for steam removal and to prevent mould and musty smells accumulate in a moist environment. Consider a window which can be open end and an exhaust fan to retract steam from the shower. 

Task lighting in the bathroom is important for applying makeup or shaving. Ensure there is adequate lighting around the vanity and in the bathroom space itself so it can be used during the day or at night.