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5 Ultra Unique Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms are much more than just a practical space to wash in. When designed correctly they can become sanctuaries. Places of peace and tranquility to prepare you for a busy day or places to wind-down and relax in at the end of a stressful working week.
Not only this, when it comes to selling your home, bathrooms are key features that buyers look at. A well designed bathroom can add some serious value to your home.
So, when it comes to bathroom renovation and remodeling finding the right design is key. This article will talk you through, 5 ultra unique bathroom design ideas. And, hopefully give you some inspiration as you embark on your bathroom renovation.

Design # 1 - Dark and Moody

Image courtesy of Kym Maloney Design

Think scented candles, deep bubble baths and essential oils. Low lighting and dark walls can create the ultimate sense of relaxation.
Dark grey is a popular colour for bathrooms this season and when combined with a white ceramic bathroom suite and chrome bathroom fixtures, the oppressing grey is instantly softened.  
When using dark colours it is important to avoid that heavy claustrophobic feel. To do this we suggest using a bathroom paint on the walls and keep bathroom tiling to a minimum.

Design # 2 - Eco Lodge

Image courtesy of Bead Threads

Nature has an instant calming effect and the Eco Lodge bathroom design is certainly a must have trend in 2021.
This bathroom trend is all about creating the feeling of being amongst nature. For this reason, we recommend using natural materials for your bathroom fittings.
A stone tiled floor combined with underfloor heating, offers a natural look with the heated comfort underfoot.
Consider a simplistic stone wash basin with a matt finish, set atop a teak wood shelf or bathroom cabinet. Plus, a deep, rounded, stone bath to match will add to the Eco Lodge look.
To finish off, accessories your bathroom installations with green succulent plants. They are easy to care for, survive in humid conditions and look great!

Design # 3 - Marbled Opulence

Image courtesy of Tilezz

Marble is a bathroom classic and exudes luxury. Perhaps you fancy floor to ceiling marble or opt for a more subtle use, with a marble washbasin. Either way you will be guaranteed the effect of grandeur that marble brings.  
With luxury comes a price tag. Marble can be an expensive option when renovating your bathroom. But don’t despair there are plenty of more affordable choices out there. Granite and quartz create a similar effect for less and there are now many excellent, marble effect tiles at a fraction of the price.

Design # 4 - Mediterranean Tiles

Image courtesy of Deco Pad

Escape to the tiled homes of Lisbon as you step into your bathroom. Mediterranean style patterned tiles are a top bathroom trend for 2021 and we think they look great!
Pattern tiles can be used on the floor or on a feature wall. They immediately add character and life to a bathroom or washroom.  
The key to using patterned tiles on walls is ‘less is more’. Too much and your bathroom will look too busy. To accomplish a stylish yet subtle effect, use them on a small feature wall and combine them with plain painted walls that complement the colours found in the bathroom tiles.

Design # 5 - Industrial Chic

Image courtesy of Design Tiles

Brushed gold metal bathroom taps, statement light fittings and exposed brick, play to the popular industrial interior design trend that is set to continue into 2021.  
The simplicity and minimalistic effect this bathroom trend creates is undeniably both, ultra-chic and relaxing.


Whether you are considering a minor bathroom renovation or a complete bathroom remodel, try to narrow down the bathroom trends that appeal to you the most. The 5 Must Have Bathroom Trends of 2021 might be a good place to start. If you are still struggling to decide perhaps contact a local bathroom renovator and ask for a bathroom design service. They will be able to advise you on what’s popular and what may work best in the space you have.